Soledad Miranda

On this page you will find links to Soledad Miranda-related websites on the internet. Many of the old blogs have disappeared so I removed the links, however they featured titles such as "Sexy She-Vamps", "Top 26 Sexiest Women in Horror", "20 Hottest Girls of the 1960s", and even a cake with Soledad's picture on it. And in case you're interested, here's a link to my other websites.

Soledad Miranda Links

Cine de Barrio (video mix from Soledad's filmography shown on Spanish television in 2008)
Sublime Soledad channel on YouTube (Soledad movie clips) on Facebook (news, articles, photos) on Instagram (photos, quotes) on Twitter (short updates)
Soledad group on Facebook (ask to join)
Internet Movie Database (listing of Soledad's movies; they do have some errors)
Soledad's Wikipedia page (written mostly by me)
Soledad Miranda on Tumblr (various photos)
Soledad Miranda: In Memoriam (Finnish fansite)
Cult Sirens (fanpage)
Box Office Prophets (article)
Hedonia (fanpage)
Find A Grave (online memorial)
Cinestrenos (Spanish fanpage)
Super Strange Video (bio)
Cinemorgue (Soledad's film death scenes)
Producciones Cibeles (about the Soledad Miranda documentary)
El Mundo (Spanish article coinciding with the documentary filming)
ABC (Spanish article coinciding with the Soledad tribute evening)
Soledad Miranda on Vimeo (some unusual videos)

Blogger-Fans of Soledad

Adventures in Nerdliness (Nerd Girl of Note)
AnOther (Style Icon of the Past)
Cathode Ray Mission (Femme Fatale Friday)
Cavalcade of Perversions (Soledad Miranda's Hotness)
Chus Martinez (Soledad Miranda)
Complex (25 Hottest Vampires in Movies and TV)
The Elegant World of Senior Lopilopo (Soledad Miranda)
La Fonoteca (La yé yé más terrorífica)
Formidable Mag (Iconic)
Grindhouse Database (bio and photos)
Hybrids (Soledad Miranda Appreciation Month)
I'm In A Jess Franco State Of Mind (Happy Birthday: RIP)
Leather Beauty (includes photos)
The Light Of The Night (For Soledad Miranda)
D For Doom (Cult Actress of the Month)
Moon In The Gutter (Remembering Soledad Miranda)
Mulheres do cinema (from Belize)
Necronomicon de los Templarios (El día que murió Soledad Miranda)
Peplum (Tragic Stars)
Proyecto Naschy (Sesión de fotos para El diablo que vino de Akasawa)
Queens 'O Scream! (Art-O-Mat Series)
RobbinsRealm (All Too Short Life of Soledad Miranda)
Segundo Anfiteatro (El extraño mundo del cine)
Sexploitation Cinema (Die Schönste aller Gitanas)
A Sketch of the Past (The Exploits of Soledad Miranda)
Star Central Magazine (Top 10 Sexiest Female Vampires)
Sugar & Spice (A Life & Career Cut Way Too Short); Sugar & Spice (Soledad Miranda's Got A Gun); Sugar & Spice (Beautiful Ladies From The Past)
Terror Titans (Saturday Scream Queen)
Tomb of the Headless Werewolf (Putting the Bite on Soledad Miranda)
Voices of East Anglia (Sublime Soledad Miranda)
WhatCulture (24 Greatest Euro Cult Screen Sirens; Soledad ranks #3!)
The World's Best Ever (Babes of Yore)

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