Soledad Miranda

Here is the most comprehensive photo and video collection of Soledad Miranda in the world, with pictures from magazines, press books, publicity stills and ephemera, books, and screen captures and video clips I made from all her movies that I have. There's a gallery of publicity and modeling photos; one of rare candid and personal family photos; and one of fan art. Photos and videos from Soledad's movies are arranged into separate galleries, and some miscellaneous images are on this page. If you need help navigating the galleries, click on Help at the bottom right of the window. Members of enjoy full access to the galleries, with hundreds of exclusive, watermark-free photos that can't be found anywhere else!

Publicity and Modeling Gallery
(general publicity stills, modeling photos,
magazine photo shoots)

Personal and Candid Gallery
(casual photos and pictures
with family and friends)

Fan Art Gallery
(fan-submitted artwork,
photos, graphic art)

Fan Art Gallery 2
(more fan-submitted artwork,
photos, graphic art)

Movie Galleries
(posters, lobby cards, publicity stills, screen captures, video clips, etc.)
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La bella Mimí

La reina del Tabarín


Cancion de cuna

The Castilian

Eva 63


Cuatro bodas y pico


Las hijas de helena

A cancao da Saudade

Un día en Lisboa

Fin de semana

Playa de Formentor

Currito de la Cruz

Sound of Horror

La familia y uno más

Es mi hombre

Sugar Colt


100 Rifles

La ultima moda

Estudio amueblado 2-P

Soltera y madre en la vida

Lola la piconera


Count Dracula

Nightmares Come at Night

Eugénie de Sade

Vampyros Lesbos

She Killed in Ecstasy
The Devil Came From Akasava
Soledad Miranda, una flor en el desierto Photo Policy: I mostly include images only where Soledad is pictured. I include a few interesting posters, lobby cards, and video covers that don't picture her. I have hundreds of these items scanned, though, so if there's a particular item you are looking for a picture of, you can contact me. Also, to respect her family I do not include any nude photos of Soledad on this site. Those types of images are readily found with an internet search.

Miscellaneous Photos

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