Soledad Miranda

Here are a synopsis, pictures, and video from Ursus. For more details about this movie, click here. If you have any pictures from this movie that I don't have, please contact me!

After returning from war, brave Ursus finds that his fiancée Attea has been abducted. It is believed that she has been taken to a mysterious island ruled by a pagan goddess. Aided by a blind slave girl named Doreide, Ursus goes to the island. Attea has actually been kidnapped by Setas, who has been abducting women to be sacrificed by priests of the pagan goddess. Setas learns that Ursus plans to rescue Attea and sets a series of obstacles and traps in his path. Ursus risks his life time after time and evades all the pitfalls. In the course of this long and dangerous journey, Doreide falls in love with Ursus. Meanwhile, on the island to which Attea has been abducted, Mok, the island's High Priest, falls in love with Attea and makes her his queen, to reign over the island and lead the orgiastic and bloody sacrificial rites. Attea becomes evil. When Ursus and Doreide arrive on the mysterious island they are captured by the fanatical worshipers of a goddess that is part woman and part bull. Ursus no longer recognizes his fiancée. However, when Attea sees Ursus, she remembers her love and attempts to seduce him. Seeing that Attea has become a cruel and bloody woman, Ursus repels her advances. In anger, Attea has Ursus and Doreide sentenced to death. Ursus is chained in the arena to be gored to death by the sacred bull. When the bull goes into the arena and the young and helpless blind girl is thrown to the sand, Ursus breaks his chains, saves her, and fights and kills the beast. Doreide's eyesight is restored as a result of the bull's blow. The slaves of the island revolt. After a terrible battle, loyal Ursus reaches victory, ending the life and the tyranny of Mok, Attea, and the evil priests. Ursus and Doreide are liberated and realize that they are in love.

This clip features some of Soledad's scenes from Ursus. She plays Fillide, a friend of Doreide who often accompanies her. Sentenced to be sacrificed to the goddess, she is rescued from the killer bull but does not escape death when the final battle ensues. This movie can be ordered in the store.

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