Soledad Miranda

Here are a synopsis, pictures, and video from Sound of Horror. For more details about this movie, click here. If you have any pictures from this movie that I don't have, please contact me!

A group of treasure hunters is excavating a cave in the mountains of Greece, where a rich treasure of stolen artwork is said to be hidden. Despite warnings from the locals that the cave is cursed, they continue to look for the treasure. One of their explosions accidentally releases an invisible shrieking dinosaur that has been buried for eons. The recently hatched dinosaur terrorizes the people on the expedition, killing many of them as the opportunity arises. Young Maria falls for another member of the group, but her dear uncle is killed in an attempt to destroy the dinosaur. The other members of the expedition try to get away, but their car won't start. The men cover the ground with flour and when they see the dino's footprints, they throw axes at it and wound it. Then they all drive off in the car, only to discover that the dino has been riding on the car's roof. A wounded member of the expedition sacrifices himself by causing the car to explode in order to kill the dinosaur and save the others.

This clip features some of Soledad's scenes from Sound of Horror. She plays Maria and performs a traditional Greek dance in the movie; click here to see that video and here to see the trailer. (Her lines are dubbed; this is not her voice.)

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